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Being part of a CSA, and cohabitating with someone who eats very few veggies, I have a lot of vegetables to eat all by myself each week! That means one thing: salads, salads, salads.

I always make it a point to have a good hearty serving of green stuff with every meal. (Even the boyfriend will eat lettuce and cucumbers, both of which have been in every CSA box thus far!) My guy loves his bottled ranch dressing but his favorite is Caeser, which we always have on hand; luckily, his favorite brand is one that uses all-natural ingredients without preservatives or other icky stuff.

I decided that our dinner of lettuce-and-cucumber salad topped with grilled chicken could use something special. Sure, I’d probably be the only one who wouldn’t want the bottled stuff, but I could try something new: making salad dressing from scratch! It didn’t end up exactly…

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