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You could show up at Machu Picchu not knowing anything about it whatsoever.  Not knowing, for instance, that it was built over 500 years ago, and by a people (the Incas) who had no written language yet were sophisticated enough to understand a great deal of astronomy.

You might simply be amazed by the spectacle of it: the confounding truth of its location, perched high up in the Andes, and the wonder of how it ever got there.

The more you did learn about Machu Picchu, however (such as the fact that those who constructed it did so without even having the technology of the wheel!), you would no doubt only find it that much more perplexing and awe-inspiring.  Theories abound, but a great deal is still not fully understood about its purpose and its history.

Machu Picchu now attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year who wish to behold its existence…

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